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Elements of build that are requirements for CoU excluded from package

16 days ago

I was just wondering if it is normal to purchase a house and land package and have elements of the build that are requirements for certificate of occupancy and use (eg water tank, decking and stairs, clothes line) be implicitly excluded from the inclusions?

There has been no mention from the builder over the last year of our build of these items being excluded or included. They are on the working drawings and the certifier has confirmed they are required for CoU but the builder is only now saying the decking and stairs are not part of the build cost and we are now assuming (but haven't heard one way or the other) that the required water tank and clothes line will also just happen to not be part of the build cost but on the working drawings.

Is this just a naïve oversight on our end, assuming if it's on the working drawings and required for CoU that they would be included? Should we have not been informed at some point we would need to source and purchase these items ourselves in order to meet the requirements? Open to hearing I'm a complete idiot thinking this information would have been communicated to us at some point over the last year.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense. Let me know if more info is needed.

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