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Dulux Grand Piano half or Beige Royal Half

16 days ago

I am looking to paint my bedroom a softer warmer colour than the rest of my house. i am choosing between Grand piano Half and Beige Royal Half. The rest of my spaces I am painting in Snowy Mountains half. I will still use Snowy Mountains half on my architraves and ceiling in my bedroom but want to paint my walls one of the two colours suggested. i have painted the colours on my walls. The two colours look very similar on my walls. The grand piano half looks a bit fresher and seems to have a pink undertone and the beige royal doesnt have any pink but seems more like a warm brown/grey. Does anyone have any experience with these colours on their walls and does the beige royal look flat and dull on the wall and the grand piano more fresh? i guess i am trying to work out how do you decide which will work better if you are looking to have a grey/beige bedhead and alternate the bedding on the bed that ranges in colour from light blue/grey/grey pink and deep browny/red? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks