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Small badly designed 1.8 x 1.8m ensuite

V Henshaw
8 days ago

Hi, we must have one of the worst ergonomic ensuites - you can't sit on the toilet front wise as there's not enough room for your legs so you sort of have to do a sideways slide in lol. We are seniors so looking for a design that is ergnomic and easy to clean. Don't want to go a huge budget as this is not our forever home and there is another bathroom/laundry that will be done over time. You walk into our WIR (there is a door that is a pain and I want removed as it blocks access to shelves behind when open). You then turn right through an open frame door to the ensuite. Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't the wet area be closed off from the WIR to stop moisture spreading (along with a good extractor fan).

I though the most logical thing would be to leave the toilet where it is but have a close coupled suite to the wall so no bending down trying to clean behind it. Swap the present vanity for the shower recess and I would love one of those walk-in showers no moving parts etc. Is a 1000m screen enough but from a design viewpoint can you walk straight into the shower stall from the open door (I was thinking a cavity door). This would leave 800m clearance and my concern is water coming out from the open shower. Where the present shower recess is (800 x 800) would be a 750 mm wall hung vanity with 2 door mirrored cabinet above. Moving the toilet will start to escalate $$$. This house is entirely tiled throughout with the same tile so my next issue is to keep it uniform replace tiles in WIR, ensuite, 2nd toilet, 2nd bathroom and laundry. I did try fiddling with a 3d planner but on my laptop it was so buggy, I couldn't get items to snap in place. Happy to rough draw up my thoughts and post them but I thought I'd see what the community's input is. Many thanks for your patience and it's a steep learning curve for this older brain!

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