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House Plan - what would you do?

10 days ago

With the large wait for builders and other work factors I’ve been looking for a temporary solution to save me from living in my one bathroom, one living area house with two tweens. This house has come up in my budget and in an area I like. It’s not large but has, I think, what I need in its existing footprint meaning I can manage updates without needing a full scale builder. What I need is ideas to access the little bathroom from bed 4 to give me an ensuite (I’d sell what’s left of my soul for an ensuite), how to make the kitchen more open plan (WIP would be loved and a Euro laundry is ok) and the best use of the two living areas. I don’t want to extend at all. North is the alfresco side and Bed4 is an extension. The house would most likely become an Air BnB when I get my existing house renovation done (if that ever happens).

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