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Wallpaper to the Higher ceiling, or lower cornice?

Caro M
7 days ago

Our lounge has a raked ceiling, and a landing/hallway off the stairs to the right of the main wall. (TV unit will sit against this wall) the Cornice/skirting board is one and the same in the middle of the wall - so it starts as skirting over on the staircase, and for whatever reason, (cover the join I suspect) they continued it left across the wall, to the edge of the other wall. I've popped a picture below. I'm wanting to put wall paper on the wall - but just from edge of the wall to the right, to the left edge. My question is do we STOP the wallpaper at the Cornice (where the purple lines stop) or do we go ALL the way to the ceiling? My husband is suggesting VJ panelling also, instead of wallpaper-same question. The wall paper I'm looking at is a mural type thing, in soft grey-either mountains or ocean or the like. The floor is now a tile-soft grey. Walls will be white, stair case railing will be black or monument, stair tread is honey/timber. I like the idea of stopping at the rail/cornice. But others have suggested to the ceiling. That's dearer, but I'm also not sure...how it will look. Ideas please? Thanks in Advance! :)

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