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Under floor insulation any tips please?

last month

We are going to install underfloor insulation on the weekend and would like to know any tips beforehand please, as well as a couple of questions:

  • We have possums and possibly bush rats that get into our roof and wall cavity and also under the house. Is there any way I can protect or cover the insulation?
  • Should we also buy some sarking or something to line it with first, could the fibres come through the floor when I vacuum, or wetting it when I mop (probably slim as no big gaps).
  • Is there something I should cover over it as we can walk and store things under the house, is it a risk to breath in fibres.

We are 2hrs north of Sydney Australia, we sanded the wooden floors a few years ago. The house is on a slope, so one end we can walk under easily and the other still quite accessible.

The insulation is BRADFORD OPTIMO UNDERFLOOR BATTS R2.5 8 20 PIECE PACK 1160 mm x 565 mm x 90mm.

Thank you :)

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