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Affordable Kitchen Updates - Small Open Plan Kitchen

23 days ago

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some ideas and suggestions for affordable updates to my kitchen. The photos with the black handles are the kitchen now, the lighter photos are the real estate photos from when I bought my townhouse. I have included these so you can see the bigger picture / get an idea of the space and layout around it. Worth noting, the benchtops and fridge have to stay - that would push the budget otherwise.

The two things I have considered so far:

1. Paint the cupboards white and place a smokey mirror splash back to open up the space (I did a smokey mirror splashback in .my last apartment and it was amazing!)

2. Paint the cupboards white - do a subway tile for the splashback?

A couple of other things worth noting:

1. The floors will eventually be changed to a vinyl plank (similar to the look of a timber floor. Colour not decided but on the lighter side to keep the space looking open)

2. The window behind the dining table now has floor-to-ceiling sheers

3. The walls will all be repainted to a white as opposed to the off white they currently are (don't be fooled by real estate photos)

4. I would love to not "just paint" the kitchen facade on the underside of the bench and am open to some kind of panelling, so I am open to all ideas around this.

5. The small two cupboards above the stove hide the rangehood.. am open to removing those and having an exposed rangehood - thoughts? would this make the kitchen seem a little larger or am i fooling myself? haha!

6. I am not hugely into colours like sage green / greens etc. I am open to alot of ideas around black / charcoal / white (so boring aren't I) however I am still happy to hear a few out of the box suggestions which may get my creativity flowing also. Everyone in the complex seems to upgrade their kitchen to white so happy to hear something creative to make something in there "pop".

7. Worth noting for flow of the home, the living room now has black tv cabinet which goes wall to wall, and has a wall mounted tv, large white rug and 2 x very modern 2.5 seater tan leather couches.

Sorry for the long post! Looking forward to hearing your creative suggestions! :)

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