Help me spruce up my entry

Neryl Hollingsworth
October 29, 2014
Most people come in the side door to our house which opens into the dining room. I have added this table but am looking for some more inspiration to make it feel more homely. (Currently, this area just becomes a dumping ground for papers etc)

Any photos appreciated!

Comments (4)

  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    Paint the oak black add a mirror above and a lamp and dish for keys
  • Brandi Nash Hicks
    Love that door
  • PRO
    Jane McKay
    I would add an artwork above the sideboard and a bowl for keys!
  • haephestus
    What is opposite the door (i.e. what do guests see as soon as they walk into the house)? Is there a nice bright artwork there? A window that looks into the garden? In terms of the side table, I'd consider removing the small shelf (and big spray and fire extinguisher) and maybe putting a large mirror above the side table (especially if you also use that door as the main entry/exit to the house). If the side table becomes a dumping ground for papers, maybe buy a decorative box to sit on top of the side or dining table into which all papers go into during the week (and someone has to sort through them on the weekend in front of the TV). As suggested, maybe a bowl or dish for keys, phone and wallet (or whatever else tends to be dumped as soon as you walk through the door).