Living room feature wall

Shameemah Kurzawa
March 18, 2019
last modified: March 18, 2019

Looking to paint the back wall as a feature wall but don't know which colour will suit best, we have got dark grey carpets, dark grey curtains and black brown furniture, I don't want to overly darken the room, it my formal living room and the first room you see when you walk in the house. photo is attached.

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  • dreamer
    Hi , there is no photo
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  • Shameemah Kurzawa

    Sorry forgot to attach the picture, here it is:

  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    I don't think a feature wall will improve the room. Feature walls are now so common place that they are no longer really a "feature". I would be looking at relocating your two pictures which are poorly proportioned for the size of the wall and hanging an oversized mirror above the couch which will add visual interest, and bounce some light around.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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  • julie herbert
    What a gorgeous photo
  • Shameemah Kurzawa
    Wow that’s really a great looking living room. Thanks for Dr Retro for the suggestion. That’s right the pictures are quite of place there. I definitely like the idea of a mirror.
  • PRO
    Style Precinct


    Further to Dr Retros comments above, I would also look at balancing the furniture placement and adding a floor lamp on the left side. You could also look at wallpaper options in a texture in a light colourway to give this aspect more interest.

  • Shameemah Kurzawa
    Thanks, I’m adding wallpaper in the mix too, a floor lamp does make sense on the side as it is quite bare. The baby rocker will btw be removed :-)
  • Shameemah Kurzawa
    Here is what we’ve done so far, still trying to get the remaining colours right.
  • julie herbert
    Looks amazing what a beautiful difference.
  • Shameemah Kurzawa
    Thanks you, we have updated the rug to something much lighter to brighten the room a bit.
  • julie herbert
    Love the lighter rug, you could add a couple of accent cushions to complete the picture...gorgeous
  • Kate

    Looking great. Can you drop the height of the two pics a little?

  • Shameemah Kurzawa

    Thanks Julie, I’ve added some more cushions to complement the rug.

  • Shameemah Kurzawa

    Thanks Kate, Im planning to get a different sofa set and will adjust them then. Thanks for the suggestions.