Roman Blinds: recess or face? ... With or without curtain?

Karina S
March 10, 2019

Currently doing up the kids bedrooms. I am thinking of putting two roman blinds (one for each window) with curtains.

The reasons for the curtains are:

(a) to assist in blocking out light seepage from the sides of the blinds

b) assist keeping the room cool in summer and warm in winter

c) help even up the lopsided window placement / hide the small wall segment on the right side of the window.

I have been working on having the recessed because originally I was going with roller blinds (but couldn't find fabric I liked) but now I am wondering if is this the right way to go.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Window basically takes up the entire southern wall

Small section of the wall visible on the right side

There is none on the left side

There is not much between the two spaces

Dimensions I am working with are:

This is the blind I am thinking of ordering: (the ceiling light will have a drum shade in dark/navy blue with star cut outs = blinds and light shade match)

or would this be better?

(my mock up)

(suppliers image)

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  • bigreader
    Face mount the blinds to minimise light. Have them lined with block out to assist with light and thermal qualities. I’d skip the curtains particularly if the beds are close to the windows. I assume if you’re having then made then they aren’t cheap. As much as I love the fabric you’ve chosen I’d go with a neutral. My kids are 7 and 9 and I’ve seen first hand how quick they grow out of kids stuff. You’ll be lucky to get two years out of themed soft furnishings.
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  • me me
    I would go with plain roller blinds for the same reasonsvas above. Then you could use inexpensive patterned curtains over the top if you want.
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  • Creativelychallenged

    i think recessed is tidier

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  • zaffa
    My vote is for roller blinds face fit with a slimline pelmet in same fabric to hide the roll. Recently had the same dilemma and very happy with my choice, especially for teenage boys. Good luck with your decision.
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  • PRO
    Style Precinct

    Hi Karina S

    The recess romans and curtains dont work. Roman blinds are best when they are face fitted for 2 reasons:

    1: To stop light seepage from the sides

    2: The roman stacks when its up and mounted in the window blocks daylight. I would not recommend recess fit for roman blinds.

    Curtain stacks in your case will block the window sides when in open position and hard to draw next to the bed. Never use shortened curtain lengths either- they never look good. You could consider roller blinds face fitted with a wall to wall pelmet to conceal the roller brackets etc.

    Best wishes

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  • Ruth BT
    Like some other posters have said, neutral coloured roller blinds,particularly if the child’s bed is close to window. My son destroyed the first expensive one and it was replaced with spotlight or Bunnings versions (I honestly don’t know how he ruined them but he managed several times!). He is now 16 and decided he didn’t need play space so bed was moved away from wall and expensive curtains installed!
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