Which stone should I choose for my kitchen?

Paul Tannous
November 15, 2018
last modified: November 15, 2018

I’m trying to decide what stone I should go for , when it comes to island bench and dining table .. (white vein stone is really safe but very standard and the grey is different and very natural) the bottom tile is my floor tile, the tan is my couch colour and the chocolate is the timber veneer for kitchen. The house allows for a lot of lighting and is complimented with cedar timber


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  • Kath Berg

    I voted for the white. I think it goes better with the tan of your couch that the grey does.

  • Sheila Smart
    You should also be concerned about the type of stone as not all are the same. Years back we chose a stone called Hanex for the kitchen bench as you cannot see any join.
  • dreamer
    Hi Paul, this kitchen may give you some visual answers.
  • renolady1

    i voted for the grey stone... along with tan kinda colours it can create a unique drama and mood in the space. if you go with the white stone.. it will look nice, but very stock standard.

  • PRO
    The Marble Man

    Hi Paul - making the choice of "which stone" is not just colour - have a look at

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  • siriuskey

    This is a duplicate post

  • PRO
    Style Precinct

    The white works best with your combinations.

  • siriuskey

    Love the grey what is the table like