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Terrific article! I have so much enjoyed reading about the exciting new considerations of architecture and the mind. Back in the 1970s I studied social ecology at university, with my focus being on the interrelationship between humans and their environment. At that time this was considered a ‘soft’ subject. The studies were always of benefit to me in both my career and personal life. It’s gratifying to learn that aligned, science based, issues are continuing.
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Roger Thompson Photography

Great articles and photography examples - Any well thought out design aspects utilising leading lines, angles or curves make a standard room or space super interesting. One of my challenges I love is walking in to a well designed and thought out space, working hard to capture the essence of that space in a great composition. Love it.

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Tennille Joy Interiors

Well written! I wish that more arches will be approved at drawing stage in the near future!!

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