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Why would you need the paint colour name? Its going to look different in your house anyway! The surrounding light reflected through windows changes paint colours drastically. Go and get a range of chips from the hardware shop and lay them out on your walls. One will glow and thats the colour you pick. Sure get a starting colour scheme idea from the magazines and blogs. But then you actually have to do some local research yourself. Otherwise just pick white!
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Have to agree millthumpian, if you don't understand light and aspect choosing colours from photos or on websites can be a disaster, but with so many colours and brands of paints now, at least it is a starting point for people.

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I know these articles presenting us with images are as much of an ideas look-book with colours as anything else, but seriously, image number 5 takes barn-style living to a ridiculous level. If you click on the "learn more", and the rest of the images come up, the "kitchen" (I use the term very loosely) shows an oven that is just plonked onto a shelf under the bench, with a piece of wood strategically placed in a vertical position on the side.....can they even USE that thing when it's resting on the door base?!! You can even see the oven carcass beyond the quarter round wood. I'm sorry, but this is neither functional or practical. There's style....and there's stupid.
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