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Deirdre Foot

I think that grey has become an easy answer for "designers" but real designers know their colour and and get out of the boring bland grey and greige we have seen dominate the design magazines and houses for too long. I am longing to move or repaint my exterior to Resene Astronaut, Pohutukawa and a creamy trim. I painted my last exterior (orange roof tiles) a blue-green with the deeper blue-green Juniper and cream trim - it looked so good I saw several houses following the colour. I also had red geraniums at the front and these just popped against the colour. No extra gardening needed. I love Bradleys style photo above - white in this house inside has allowed me to have the bright and mid colours and plants with wood, cane and chrome I like - I've got an eclectic retro boho style with industrial touches - I like having my own style I don't adhere to trends.

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Karen Vorgers

Grey out? Never! too many options for it to go out and even it it did I follow "trends" I go with the colors that speak to me, after all it is my sanctuary.

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I visited a friends new house in a new estate recently and was dismayed when she told me all the different shades of grey she was using both indoors and out. Wasn't that a novel? 50 Shades of Grey? We took a drive around the surrounding streets to see nearly every other new build was following the same theme. Where has all the colour gone???

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