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"Have a clear vision: If you constantly change your mind about
fixtures or layouts, you’ll frustrate your builder and can cause delays
and mistakes. This can slow down construction time and put a strain on
your relationship with your builder."
I work for a custom builder and this is far and away our biggest issue in recent times. It is to be expected that changes will happen, but bear in mind there will be ensuing costs and delays. Rework costs more than doing something outright, tradies having to work around an unfinished segment while an owner makes up their mind on a selection charge more because additional attendances are required, and if we have to tell a tradie to not come when booked because that section isn't ready yet, we can lose our slot and they may not be able to come back again for weeks, which can result in a late finish at the end of the project. The best advice I can give is to settle on your plans and a selection for everything before you get quotes. If you have an architect or interior designer, they can do this for you. If not, get a sample specification from somewhere and fill in every box. Doing this will benefit you two ways: You will be able to compare quotes much more easily as they should be identical in content and your build should be much smoother.

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Read this article in bed this morning, then later on overheard our builder discussing the story with his 2-IC. Certainly hoping to follow the excellent advice given, apart from the unexpected site visits - build is in our back yard, so we’re always onsite! So far everything going smoothly with everyone being courteous and professional.

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Lyn Huppatz
Hi Georgia. If I can make a suggestion, could you include a note after photos to show whose project it is. Have people on here thanking you for including them but no one knows which project was/is theirs.
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