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Great article. I'm preparing to host somewhere between 60 & 70 for sit down dinner this Christmas. I've got the white dishes (72 place settings), stemmed wine glasses & stemless water (72 each), flatware (80 settings), tablecloths, bus bins. Working on getting tables & chairs; not sure if I'll rent or buy this year. I'll do buffet as I have 25 feet of counter space with enough wall outlets behind to plug in all kinds of things without blowing a circuit. I'm opting to use paper napkins & will keep the decor/centrepieces super simple. All this in one large lower level room. Hubby is a gem having added 3 large closets to one end of this room for storage when we created this space. Also, wonderful for encouraging me in my love of hosting large family events.

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granny4five, there is a store in Victoria, BC Canada called The Irish Linen Store, and If you Google them you will find their website. They do loong tablecloths - my table is 120 inches at its max, and I invested in one from them. They were experienced at advising me on how to measure. their web site only has some of their tablecloths shown, and their is one that is 156 inches. worth a try!
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susan welch

I would add one thing to this great ice bucket. I only use it for large groups, formal or informal. Otherwise, people are going in and out of the kitchen/refrigerator getting ice for each glass. It can go anywhere you place beverages. I usually ask one person to help me keep an eye on it for refills. Yes, you will need a place to store it, but they can be purchased for very little money and it find the convenience to be well worth it.

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