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This is a great compilation, thanks! Saw some I had missed before.
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Bahir Custom Lighting & Decor

Some of those are really innovative. My favorite is #12. That view every day must be incredible!

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#13 is still my favorite house! Using my current apartment for scale (18' wide, 44' long, and 14' ceiling), I rendered it in Solidworks, adding two feet to the length and width so I could reconfigure the kitchen and bathroom a bit, plus have enough room for mechanicals and washer/dryer in the hallway closet. I made it a passive solar home with 12" thick walls, concrete floor, and most of the windows on the south side of the house. The furniture you see is (literally) all the furniture I currently own - makes for quick and easy housekeeping! Still working on the design details, but I'm having a lot of fun with it...thinking about taking Revit next semester so I can do some architectural renderings.

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