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annemarie finch

Thanks Rhaine, any chance to find out the name of the tile place that has color tiles in Taren Point. I have not been able to find a great range in the main tiles store in Sydney. Thank you

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Lisa Imbruglia

Just to talk about grout for a minute..Most of the grouts nowadays are mould resistant.. however what concerns me is the thought that the tile itself can become dirty too quickly.. unless you professionally clean your tiles within 3 days of grouting and if there is any residue at all left over from the grouting you will have tiles that will get dirty. actually it''s the grout that gets dirty and is almost impossible to clean off. So clean properly.

Also choosing a ceramic floor tile is fine for a bathroom, however, you must ensure the grout goes all the way up to the top edge. The glaze is there to prevent moisture going into and under the tile. So unless they are grouted correctly you will get that stained wet look coming from within the tile. Anything polished will look amazing but will be slippery when wet.. so you do have to be careful.

In saying this there are very many beautiful tiles that can be used in a bathroom so have fun with it and enjoy.

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I like some of the tiles, there is one thing that I have to be careful with the new tiles as you see this in public powder rooms.

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