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Sophie Seeger

Thanks for all your helpful feedback to our other Houzzers.
Yes this article covers the cost of materials, finishes and fixtures; and mostly DIY in regards to 'refreshing' and giving an aesthetic 'lift'.
This article does not look at revising plumbing, rewiring and any structural changes which would be difficult to analyse without prior knowledge of the condition or brief.

All comments are great for our readers.. .thank you.

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Yes, a quick fix in my bathroom in an early colonial house; I lifted the red speckled nylon carpet (!!!!) and laid black and white vinyl tiles chequerboard style on a diagonal so they expanded the size of the room visually and I had no issues with lining up with the crooked walls. Laid them straight onto the wooden floor - no issues! (Although Im sure the experts would disagree!) Then painted the existing t&g walls and ceiling white and added blue trims. Looked fabulous and fitted the style of the 1860s cottage. Incidentally I loved the ventilation/glazing in this room which was an internal one; no external walls. It had a roof window, set high up in the ceiling, all lined with the same t&g, with a loop of sash-cord that you pulled through the screw-arm mechanism to open or close it. Quaint, ancient and very effective!

Currently a builder is ripping all existing out of bathroom in my tiny flat prior to me moving in - I know it will cost but am prepared to pay for the massive improvement this will make! I do hope the plumbing is connected before I move!

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Tk Olive
want to see more bathroom design
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