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Kerrie Langloy7

WOW beautiful space, beautiful art! Love the gazebo, shame it couldn't be moved & kept. My studio was the top 3rd storey that was the master retreat which has great light & views of Pittwater. Ripped up the carpet & had great fun there with big canvases for a few years. Now i'm selling i converted it back to a master retreat. I find it difficult to upload photos on to Houzz. It's something i will master one day when i have more time. Currently I'm busy renovating my new smaller house & selling this one. As a shamless act of promtion plus a way to see ALL my house & a beautiful video of it, google

7 Valley Close Bayview NSW 2104

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Thx for postin Tamara and Wow
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Lorna Ballantyne-Epps
amazing work Tamara - Can't believe we missed you as my husband and I were on the mountain for my birthday visiting from NSW - will definitely pop in next trip sych a beautiful spot. I have a Commercial Retail studio in Newcastle and in the process of taking a commercial lease for a Gallery on The Central Coast NSW - let me know if you are interested in exhibiting.- photo attached. Loved the media write up
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