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Scott Haig, CKD

Just saw reference to this article, thanks Graeme. In this kitchen we opened up what was once a full wall and flipped the "U" to the opposite side of the room. This gave the clients an easy way to have guests actively participate or sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the meal prep, on both sides of the cooking area.

Paint and Natural Mix Kitchen · More Info

Paint and Natural Mix Kitchen · More Info

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Lucie Bush
my u shaped kitchen does not work for me. Total anti climax after knocking down chimney breast wall! and the stupid huge fridge has nowhere to go. I think we need an island or Return of sorts? it's so basic looking it all went wrong, can anyone advise please? cheers
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Lucie Bush (just my thoughts)

To me this is a good start that needs more.... I like your sink and mini bar area. I suggest placing the garbage can as a slide-out within it’s neighboring cabinet. I like your hutch behind the kitchen table. I think the angled wall should be painted a deeper color peach as an accent wall, to tie the two spaces together, with a piece of wood furniture against it stained the same color as the table. A doorstop would help to keep the door folded against the wall. And the kitchen table should be slid about six inches toward the door, so that it lines up with the corner of the angled wall, and perhaps a foot or more into the center of the room.

Now to the L. There is a glaring transition of flooring material. Placing a peninsula (with matching color cabinets) from the wall next to the refrigerator into the room would create a break. While open shelving and removing some of the upper cabinets is currently in style, this is overkill. Boxing in the refrigerator to the door hinges and placing two rows of upper cabinets to the ceiling along that wall (consider a darker shade like the hutch) will give storage, under cabinet lighting, and fill the expanse. A stainless steel recirculating (or ducted) exhaust hood, wider than the range, with LED lighting is in need. Finally, I would place your stainless steel kitchen island between and parallel to the range and future peninsula.

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