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The Kitchen Design Centre

I just love some of these solutions! I'm often asked about smart solutions for different storage problems throughout the kitchen when people visit our showroom. Surprisingly, sometimes people have a hard time imagining themselves living differently in their new kitchens. Putting in a new kitchen is the perfect opportunity to change some of the old (and sometimes hated) habits that have been developed as a means to an end. A new kitchen means you can choose the new habits before the kitchen is even installed! You decide how you get to live in the new space. My biggest encouragement is to keep an open mind when working with your designer. That's not to say that the designer always know what's best but, they certainly might surprise you if you give them the chance!

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Zoe Glencross Fabric & Home

love love love this kitchen

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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

Pantries are one of the most under utilised areas of a kitchen. If the pantry has shelves, the spacing is generally very wide. If you want to clear bench clutter, create better & more functional storage in your existing cabinets. Adding pull outs, can increase storage space by 30%. These stainless steel wire baskets can be fitted most new & existing cabinets. More info...

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