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Thanks Bodner, for your reply. Home Depot tells me they don't sub-contract, but specifically use their own installers who are company employees. I'm told the doors are maple, custom, not pre-made, and the replacement drawers/drawer fronts as well. The current cabinets are very good quality, were custom, and in good shape. Just outdated. The backsplash is new, and granite counter top not very old, so we thought replacing the cabinets would be more expensive. I regret not exploring further all options.
I hope we will be satisfied with the job and are not overspending.
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At the outset of my kitchen renovation I spent $100 on a kitchen designer and would say this was best spend. She showed was was possible as I had already purchased double oven free standing cooker. Check out kitchens on the Internet to decide what style speaks to you is also a huge step you can take yourself.

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