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Hi Kerry: those lovely mounds are actually a New Zealand and Australian native moss called Scleranthus biflorus (there is also a uniflorus). Here is the information on the Australian variety: which suggests it is common in your area (also known as the two-flowered Knawel). I love it, but in my garden have learned that it is very fussy about getting enough sunlight and water. Here is an Australian native plant nursery wholesaler that might help you locate a retailer near you:

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Kerrie Langloy7
thanks Spacsmith! :- )
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Debbie Maitland

To answer you question Kerrie the plant is Scleranthus Biflorus. It grows much faster than the uniflorus variety. Hope this helps. Mine has died off where it grew over a retaining wall edge so it just decided to grow in the other direction. Extremely easy to maintain. absolutely love it.

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