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Rachel Alexander

Another consideration for protection from harsh sunlight, if you do opt for blinds, is that some fabrics can release harsh chemicals into the home. While the Australian building standards protect against such fabrics, we're not so lucky in NZ, so it's worth finding a supplier for sunscreen blinds that uses fabrics made with a non-toxic bio-based plasticizer.

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Any recommendations for stain protector with us protection? Thanks Gretchen

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I bought a very expensive sofa in a medium grey. My lounge can get a lot of sun but I kept blinds down a lot. However in less than a year my sofa has faded dramatically. I couldn’t believe the company used such a fabric that faded so quickly & they mustn’t have used any protector. I am getting them recovered, I’ll get a protector with uv but will sheer curtains keep sun out enough to stop fading so I don’t have to have my blinds down all the time?

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