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Stephanie Herbert

We are about to do a kitchen reno, and this has been the biggest thing (besides $$!) that has put me off!! we have been recommended Low VOC laminate by our renovator. SO hoping that works well. one thing that has worked well for us, that we already have is an HRV ventilation system which we got in last year ( ). this has been AMAZING!!! within 24 hours ALL of our winter condensation was gone! (we are in a cold area) so of course my mould is gone now too!!!! :) it was less than $1000 for our home and was so quick and easy. Best money i have ever spent! ...thanks for this article, to clarify some things for me.

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A good article apart from one thing that I would like to point out: SImply painting the sub-floor could be a horrible option. Often sub-floors are sometype of particle board, full of glue and toxins. It must be covered with something other than just paint!! Makes me feel horrible to imagine that in a kids' room!

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