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The insight shared in this article is thought provoking and huge eye opener as well.

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I quite agree with all your views on personal choice, nature compassionate architecture etc. But, biophilic tendencies will always make us feel at home in a home that is close to nature. But sadly, not everyone feels this way. Some people are very much at home in a concrete highrise with a tree only in the distant hills; my dear husband included!

We have a valuable lesson to learn from indigenous people from around the world and how they dwell/ed with minimal carbon footprint, using vernacular to make their abode and their senses were so switched on for any turn of events in nature. Yet, we tend to label some of these indigenous people as primitive, when all they were doing was to follow their innate call. Today we rely heavily on technology even to listen to bird call; through the earphones or mute ourselves using same.

Nevertheless, I am so very happy that our tendency to dwell in a biophilic manner is now given highlight and recognised. For our health and well-being, it should be so. One particular architect I admire for his use of vernacular is Geoffrey Bawa from Sri Lanka. His Kandalama Hotel in particular is outstanding. Its like living in an absolutely well appointed cave. See some of the photos on;

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Roger Thompson Photography

I love architecture!!! of any sort :) . The creativity and knowing the materials and how to utilise them is key.

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