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Love Aliance1's list - all practical suggestions. Rug - not a little mat in the middle of the room thanks - looks mean and certainly doesn't enlarge the space at all in my opinion! Large or none at all I think.

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Quadrant Design Architects

Great advice !

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Lorena Ongaro-Anderson Design
100 ./. Agree with larger rugs required..

But if you can’t find one in your price range and want to add an extra design element - you can play with overlapping two rugs the darker / rug underneath angled with a lighter textured rug on top angled or overlapping side by side will give the illusion of a larger space!

I use round mirrors behind lamps positioned behind lamp shades ( proportion of mirror is double the labor shade height and width)

I sit the lamps on side tables either side of the tv unit or fireplace and always always use oversized art.....

Behind the sofa, as a bed head... and don’t hang it high!! ( pjs see hardy street renovation in south perth)

Plus I always always hang my window treatments right underneath the cornices to give the illusion of height..

Plus if the room is 22 -24 courses I paint the skirts and the cornices as part of the wall !!

It gives the illusion of a larger room ..particularly if you want to add colour to a wall..

Or you can do the opposite !

Paint all walls doors trims in white and then have a darker colour on your ceiling!

Instead of round tables I use high top bar tables for dining to play with scale and comfortable stools that can multitask with island bench dining..

A high backed stool in fabric will add texture and warm and will add comfort to dining..

PLUS That’s where I add my mirror..

Just slightly above sitting head height so I can maximize ambient lighting when I’m entertaining guests or I’ll place a leafy plant to maximize the look of foliage in the day time!
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