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My builder was angry that after 2 1/2 years, i “had to move in”. We should have been in one YEAR prior, but he failed to schedule and then manage painters—allowing a “Ms. Michigan” beauty queen to take 9 months to paint our home on a part time basis as she scheduled. And refused to properly sand walls after mudding touch ups with drywall mud after she primed with tinted primer to help her see where she mudded. She had her father working for her. When she walked off the job to take a long weekend when we had arranged a move in date and she wasn’t paid for that week, her father threatened the builder! But he was playing both sides. It is YOUR house. YOU are the boss. That doesn’t mean getting in the way, but it also doesn’t mean that the builder can not be observed or questioned.
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Detailaddict—it sounds like you have done very good planning. I’d highly recommend a real estate attorney why drafting or reviewing any contracts if provided by your builder.

And as you are already well aware, mistakes can be made even with the most detailed plans. It is always easier to catch mistakes ahead of time then repair them after-the-fact. And that is the best reason for visiting the site regularly. Your contractor may not be there when subs are working so as major parts of your project begin, those are some of the most important times to check in.
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Don Glenn

Graders view trees as challenges.

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