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Except for the black and white kitchen and bathroom (look a bit too clinical and modern for my taste) I love everything here ! So many clever ideas to optimise cooling, insulation and use of water. The house is so perfectly integrated into the landscape, although it's new it seems like it's been sitting here for a long time, the opposite of so many brand new modern "cubes" which are eyesores in many cases. I wish there were more houses like this one, combining energy and water-efficiency and looking good. Congratulations for that great design.

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Noel Canin

Totally love this house, the principles behind it, colors, windows - I could simply move in! Good for you!

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Jillian Staton

Love this house and the philosophy behind it. Should be mandatory when building a new home in Australia instead of those stupid brick veneer boxes that councils let developers put up everywhere.

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