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Sad to say but dog rocks don't seem to work very effectively

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Kim Mackintosh

When we first moved to NZ from UK we noticed how most lawns were brown. It was summer and with hot weather we thought that we too would have to get used to it. However, we always have a green lawn and found that we didn't have the weed problem (prickles) most people suffered. It was simple - we never cut our lawn low. One person said, "I cut it short so it lasts longer" This is untrue, we cut our lawn just as much as he did. I am not sure of all the reasons why this works so well. But I can guess. I found some lawns are so short they only have sticks rather than the leaf. Also, it would make sense that a short lawn dries out much faster. As for weeds, maybe they need more light......not sure, just know it works.

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Thanks for the tips. Despite using the water rocks for a year following the directions diligently, the nitrogen in our dog's urine is still a lawn killer. I think these rocks are over-rated in their effectiveness.

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