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Brenda Gardener

Having moved to a catchment area with sometimes fierce electrical storms I began installing lots of power plug protectors. What I discovered, thanks to research and a friendly, informative Ausgrid technician, is that to save my electronics what I need is power diverters off my meter box to my inground stake. This way when lightning strikes close to my home the power surge is safely diverted and my fuses and internal plugs are not affected. Of course this is null and void if it is a direct strike.... but at least with a coarse and fine diverter I have added extra safety insurance.

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What i have noticed from the floods that were in Bangkok a few years ago is why downstairs areas of buildings that are likely to be flooded should have the ability to be isolated from the first floor and so life with refrigerators and cooking can continue upstairs. Just two individual circuits installed, plus two circuit breakers or switches, preferably at building stage or through a retrofit would not be impossible. It also has the advantage that the flood water will not be carrying an electrical charge that killed a few people in the Bangkok floods, found drowned or with cardiac arrest. Always a problem for emergency workers.


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