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Hate those power outlets under and behind desks and shelves! And there are never enough for all the 'chargables' we seem to accumulate these days!!

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Well done copper46. That is beautiful. I love the wire sculptures of the musicians on the top of the bookcase. Where did you get them?

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I work from home often and when we moved into our new home I made a conscious effort to set up my workspace to ensure I am comfortable. The number 1 decision for me was to NOT have my desk facing a wall. The main reason for this is so i don’t feel closed in but also when I look up from my screen I have something that I can adjust and work my eyes to that is not a wall.
I have avoided the standard boring desks you get from office furniture stores and have tried to inject personality into my space. My next task is to find a beautiful and ergonomically correct chair and then paint paint paint!!
Good tips in here - especially the PowerPoints in the drawer. Given my hubby is an electrician I now have yet another job for him to do ;-)
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