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Bethamy Gwanlaung

Thanks great topic, good article. I have two examples. 1. During a bathroom retile, dust covers on furniture were of ilttle use as dust covered everything etc. I would not advise anyone with respiratory illnesses to live-in during a reno etc. During the removal of the old tiles, the sub-contracted assistant 'plumber' working alone hit a pipe, flooded several rooms, had trouble finding and shutting of the main, panicked finding it eventually after several ohine calls, then used a hammer resulting in breaking off the mains tap which resulted in an even bigger flood. 2. Timber flooring quote of $3,000 including installations, when the carpet was taken-up they found the floor wasn't even, had potholes in places, that meant they needed a machine to even out floor, extra cost of machines labour and furniture storage blew-out the cost to $7.000!

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Biggest worry for me is the cost of trades - have sadly had some bad experiences over the years so have little confidence when you hear so many horror stories. You would hope when you pay a tradesman you get value for money I.e. The job done properly , unfortunately this is not always the case and can be very expensive into the bargain.
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