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Baths; Agggh! Whether tub, chub, sunken, or corner, enamalled w' elborate feet or just plain gold-plated, they were all once, like Grey paint today, trending. Only bath-tub and grey paint manufacturers promote these products for the purpose of profit. I'm wondering now about French Provincial / Farmhouse / Butlers Sinks. I just paid $1000 for one, because my wife insisted it was necessary to match the new hkitchen cabinetry. When will it, too, no longer be trendy? A bit like bath tubs, (of not too dissimilar dimensions) it's got to have a rubber mat in it to protect (crockery and glassware) from breakage.... and it's already chipped! Agggh!

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Madonna Sanchez

In response to Richard Blake's comment about a bathtub. We had one installed in our newly built home 16 years ago. It was an expensive spa bath the same regular shape as a normal tub but a bit deeper and longer. At the time I thought it was a waste of money and space but now after so many uses I feel it has been worthwhile. My husband is a mechanic so often comes home greasy and tired after work, so he does use it regularly for cleansing and relaxation. Thus, I do feel it is a good decision we made and will add to the resale value of our home.

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Kitchen and Home Sketch Designs

I am very pleased to hear of ONE person who does not regret putting in a bath!

Have you ever stepped into somebody's home to have the toilet room directly opposite that front door!!!!! OOHH it is so chummy I am so surprised it didn't take off!!

Can we please create the fashion of a hand basin in the toilet room = powder room as much of the morning bathroom rush could be eliminated.

I am not a fan of the wall mounted vanities that are so fashionable at the mo. the loss of storage, danger of no supports and extra bending to clean under it are all factors. Storage space is storage space even if not at eye level better to have more than one feels you need.

Cheers Margot


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