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There was no mention of Music!! Music is vital to any function, especially with alcoholic drinks. Music sets the tone and the vibe for the mood of the gathering. And after the meal remember to set out foil, paper plate, or other containers for guests to take home extra food. And please also stock the restroom with female sanitary products- spare a female the embarrassment of having to ask around.

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We had recently relocated to another state and were in a rental house as we house hunted. A few relatives came to visit us for the weekend and I was very excited to explore together and experience new restaurants. They showed up with their very large, long haired dog and I was stunned. They had never mentioned bringing a dog and our rental house had a strict no pet lease AND the landlord lived right next door. I was so nervous all weekend that they would see the dog and we couldn’t go out to restaurants because I worried that if we left the dog in a room he would tear it up.
I acted very gracious about it, but I was worried the entire time AND felt dishonest with the landlord.
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Nancy Mueller

I love these ideas. Thank you! I have a few, too.

I love to set a formal table, but ask guests to dress casually, i.e. jeans and sweaters. Or for a football game day brunch, formal table and team gear.

Re: bringing flowers to the host, I have had to scramble around to find a vase when presented with cellophane-wrapped flowers, too. I recommend either buying a very nice vase that will be used often by the host, or spend on the flowers/plant and buy a vessel at Goodwill. Either way, you won't be adding stress to your host.

A fun way to put flowers on the table and keep them low to allow easy conversation, clean out the 3 wick candle jars from Bath & Body Works. Fill with small polished stone, and add a short-cut flower. They should be full, a bit more than the ones in the pictures, to cover the top of the jar.


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