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Polla Posavec
It might be a little predictable, but cushions and throws are an easy, relatively inexpensive design change. Also, changing your existing accent colour or adding one to an existing palette - pops of colour can really change the mood of a room. You might go big and change a wall, or maybe just your accessories.

And, while I'm here, I'll reiterate the vote above for changing or adding statement art. As an artist myself, I say, PLEASE seek out original art rather than funding the big box stores if at all possible (shop smart and it can be much cheaper than you may imagine - think local Community galleries, competitions and shows, art and craft markets, art school/uni exhibitions, Etsy) or get creative yourself! Because I'm always painting, I like to change my displays regularly. An inexpensive pine moulding attached below my cornices and painted the same colour as the wall makes cheap picture rails so I can hang whatever I please and change at will for that desired new look without worrying about drilling holes in the walls or fretting about stick-on hooks and strips.
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Loti said it all!

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