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fianou luca

oh I totally disagree! I think australian natives are perfect to create a romantic garden. My council only uses natives and they use them in formal classic arrangements. I see so many native plants used for street plantings, westringia, wildflowers, bottlebrushes, flowering gums. I love seeing westringia and bottlebrushes hedged. Bottlebrushes flower prolifically when cut back hard. I have also seen them standardised and set in pots by council. I think grevilleas with their soft flowers are very romantic and they can be weeping as well. I have pink kangaroo paw in pots in my yard! Lillypillies make lovely hedges and topiaries. You could have topiary balls of all sorts of foliage plants in pots. I love the romantic feel of the grey leafed plants and the dainty wildflowers and daisies. Flowering gums are beautiful! I was a big fan of snugglepot and cuddlepie, so I think they are very romantic plants. If you attach planters around your back deck and hanging baskets and fill them with natives and cascading grevilleas you will also have lots of birds! what's more romantic than a visiting family of rosellas?

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Thanks for that- you've given me lots of ideas to make my native backyard more romantic and beautiful.

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One way to make a
‘vertical garden in a trough’ is to get a length of plumber’s
pipe, put the plumbing fitting on each end to block it up, collect up
several same-size planter pots, cut round holes at intervals along
the pipe and drop the planter pots into the holes. You water into the pipe to
water every pot, and it’s easy to replace anything that dies. If you use 'potted color' it's instantaneous! I saw
a wall done with several of these in layers up the wall, but don’t have a photo. It looked


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