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Valerie Harrison Barber

What I got from this article is that the only rule is break the rules. Hang pics at correct height but, in almost every other photo, pictures are NOT hung at that height. Three ways to arrange furniture on a rug but, in other photos, furniture is arranged in a combination of those ways on one rug. Make your home look and feel the way you like it. Any other way isn't go to make you happy. Forget the rules, and usually the designers. You can almost always spot a room done by a designer by the fact that it simply isn't workable to live in.

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I am always hanging art by myself and have found post it notes helpful. Measure the size of the pieces and put four post it notes where the corners go. Then stand back and look. Readjust post it notes until it looks right. Then measure on the painting to see where the nail goes and put a pencil dot on the wall for the corresponding spot.

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jane cichy

My motto is...stick to a style that you like such as traditional in my case. use pieces you like not pieces that coordinate necessarily. Make the room speek you. Ahh, so relaxing is key.


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