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Quantum Construction Ltd

Unfortunately the general public have been conditioned to accept the cheapest price and many will choose their builder via a competitive tendering process. Because of this we will no longer go through the lengthy process of quoting if we are competing on price. We know that our price is fair and allows for all of the costs of the build so there is no point competing with someone else who may be missing things off their quote simply to come in at the cheapest price.
We also have an in house Architectural Designer with over 30 years of building experience under his belt. This makes such a difference when the client is on a budget as after producing thousands of quotes over the years and building countless homes he knows what it costs to build.
My advice to clients would be to choose a company with a designer who has actual building knowledge and if possible can design and then build or renovate your home for you.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Simple assumptions between city and country builds with cost per square....
A number of years ago we employed a young city architect to design a house plan for a tricky rural block in the country. After site visits etc by the architect we received a fabulous plan. Unfortunately our budget and the architect’s plan hadn’t take into account the cost difference between building (per square) in the country vs the city. At that time it was much cheaper in the city per square and the architect was working on that assumption. When the local builder’s quotes came in, our dream home was way over our expected budget. Interest rates were high and we had a growing family......But we eventually got our house
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Hhim, I understand Architects are professionals - indeed often presented as elite professionals. Nonetheless, when house costs are very high for an Architect to expect a percentage of the built cost as remuneration adds so much to the cost. For us, it excluded the use of one. Architects plans are around 5% of build cost in Australia. For our house that meant $30,000. We got a designer for $7,000. Could a better design have been done by an Architect, no doubt. Is there some lingering dissatisfaction with our mostly vanilla home, yes there is. So we got what we paid for but that $23,000 meant we could fully tile our bathrooms, have over 3m ceilings, we had qualitative improvements over design improvements. We could afford one, not both.


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