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@ melanie...Thanks for the tip of a thimble full! I was somewhat apprehensive about the idea of succulents and watering, I am inclined to drown and murder much as I love them, both out of solicitude and ignorance of what each type requires. My frequent visitor-friend looks longingly at my potted hanging geraniums and especially at the Jade at the front door wanting to rescue all of them from my mismanagement of late, but the frosts are coming and I am still debating where to put them if I repot and adopt a winter watering regime...still procrastinating....but it will happen when the back of my mind comes forward with the correct thing to do....for the benefit of the plants!
Have just posted on a like forum about indoor plants commenting that plants and scented flowering potteds should be taken outside at night as they, as do all other trees, shrubs, flowers etc, emit carbon dioxide at night and oxygen by day. The gist of it was not to have scented plants in sleeping areas at night...that in years gone by, plants and flowers gifted to hospital patients were all taken out of their rooms and wards at night because it is during the night that they emit carbon dioxide.
Plan to have my vases etc on a stand on my northern semi enclosed it is -
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Melanie Price
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Linda Rose
I have bought a small house and it's front court yard has Astro turf. There is no back yard. I need some ideas as what to do. There are no plants, trees or shrubs. Just Astro turf. I am no gardner so it is a blessing in a way.
It's like having a blank canvas.

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