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Studio Dearborn

Thank you so much for featuring our kitchen! This is not a small kitchen, but we can often fit this same setup into a smaller space.

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I really like the secret under floor storage. Do you photos of what the floor looks like when it is closed. Do you have more images where I can see how this might work with my floor boards

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I have installed in my last two kitchens a utensil rail behind the stove top and below the range hood (800-900mm above stove top). On this I hang all my frequently used utensils, saucepans, frying pans, favorite wok, strainers etc. When I first moved into my current kitchen I realized how functional this rail is and how much storage you can save. The less often used items can be in drawers even in an other room, cos if you only use them rarely it is not a hassle to get them and they don't clog up valuable every day space.

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