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"tweedly-dee" - just love autocorrect!
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None are really my cup of tea, and the only true white kitchens I saved was because I liked either the flooring, the windows or something in the photo I felt attracted to. I am not a traditional white kitchen person. More liking a modern rustic simplicity style.

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Architelle Architecture & Interior Design

Great article! A traditional white kitchen can be a timeless addition to your home.

I work with a lot of traditional houses and kitchens. Usually, with my clients I'll work out how we create the kitchen to compliment the rest of the house - if it should be a little more stripped back or detailed/have more traditional elements. Carefully selecting materials in neutral colour schemes can bring a traditional sense into your home, which ever way you approach the design. See the examples below-

Brentwood Renovation · More Info
Banyan Renovation · More Info


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