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I always have my coffee and breakfast in bed. Using my favorite antique china, silver and cloth napkins, I've been doing this for 40 years. I have an adjustable bed that makes it even better. When I was working my incredibly stressful job, I got up 45 minutes earlier to watch the news and relax with my breakfast in bed. It's a nice way to start an otherwise hectic day. My late husband told me his friends couldn't believe he was pampered like that. Their wives told me I made them look bad. He worked so hard and deserved it. On his days off, he would make the breakfast and served it. When my 4 children (4 in 5 years!) were still at home, they knew I needed that time to mentally prepare myself. My daughters do this in their homes now, as well as my daughters-in-law.

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I appreciate the reminder to look at what we already have, perhaps removing something to open and freshen the space, and then rearrange some items for a new look. I also adore going out in my yard to cut some greenery for a simple and natural arrangement. This I do regularly and every season provides new, beautiful eye candy from outside!
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