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I share your Pain Anne!

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Newspapers can become a clutter item on our kitchen bench or kitchen table. I tend to clear at least twice a week and this generally works well.
On a positive note we also have a large fruit bowl which features strongly on our kitchen bench. The colours and textures of fruits (and sometimes vegetables) constantly change as items ripen, are eaten, added to a recipe or moved to the fridge to chill. A fruit bowl in view also makes for easy and healthy snacks as well as establishing good eating habits.
I love fresh herbs and they are a key item on my kitchen bench as my fruit bowl.
I believe a lot of time and money is invested planning and choosing kitchen items and materials, whether renovated or built new so it is important to keep a kitchen looking good and working well.

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Jill Dexter Clark

I'm ruthless! With a house load of boys - they have learnt the hard way. My rule is - If it's on the bench and it's not food its in the rubbish! Many a time have they taken the rubbish outside to sift through looking for something!!


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