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Really the cowhide? I don't think so!!

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Snaffled my sofa secondhand online with matching armchair; inherited my rug! Table lamp to come - thought I'd got one but it turned out to more average than classic. Mid-century piece? Hmm . . . not so convinced - but I'll keep an open mind!

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Lordy! I have multiples of all those mentioned, and mirrors, clocks (grandfather, mantle, wall) and beautiful Art!

Just in that pic I have my statement rug, 2 statement armchairs a clock and a big beautiful pice of modern art.. (Im sitting on my comfy sofa taking that pic looking over at beautiful lamps & a mid century piece!) I love interiors!

My friends always make jokes that maybe it's time for me to buy another clock or lamp, seeing as I have some in storage as I don't have enough room for it all. But I think it's nice to change things around every now and then! Lol


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