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ha-ha yes it could be a sales pitch but I did research the product, however, I don't remember any non product owning person agreeing it worked !!

There are a few of these products out there, I used Nanotook and of course it is reccomended it be applied by professional installers and guaranted for 10 years.

I now cannot remove the soap scum successfully in the home we're currently living in and it drives me nuts as I like clean glass and heard about this product and decided to give it a go.

Once applied, the water beads, much like the stuff you can put on your car windscreen, so applying this stuff does change how the water reacts with the glass so there is definitely a difference.

Having DIY'd to save the money approx $800 or there abouts, the product is only guaranteed for approx 3 years because I'm not a professional ha-ha anyway, if it did last three years and I then had to redo it, I'd be happy with the $170 I paid.

Sqeegeeing the shower screen even without the product is successful and some people do do just that alone. I have installed two frameless screens in the new home for a total of 1.7m x 2.1m of glass and I don't want to have to start scrubbing any time soon!!

Obviously the jury is still out as I have only had two showers in the one bathroom and haven't used the other one yet, so I will try to report after some time or you can ask me in say 12 months.
Perhaps there is an expert out there at this point that can jump in and rescue me ha-ha

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I was advised not to use anything on the treated side and definitely not to clean glass with the product you used but that could just be a sales pitch. I was told the easiest and best glass cleaner, although not a natural alternative, is metho and have started using it for far better results on my mirrors and windows and especially love no smears like you can get with other glass cleaning products

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Rosemary Hart

Don't those white bricks in the first make you shiver at the thought of taking your clothes off? And doesn't the blue and yellow scheme near the end make you feel warm enough to get undressed?

"Don’t Use grey if you find it depressing rather than soothing or uplifting." Well said!!! Living in a country that normally has grey weather, why do we need so much grey indoors as well? Am I unusual in feeling happiest on sunny days, or in the presence of bright colours?

That first mocha room! Why do we see so many millionaires' homes? Even my master bedroom's not that size and the bathroom of course is even smaller - but I shudder at the thought of heating bills for a bathroom big enough to be a ballroom (nearly)!

Love the aqua room, with those scales! :-) Blue and yellow is great as well. As for complimentary colours, as an artist I use them whenever I can. :-) That sets me thinking. The most attractive pair of complimentary colours of all are, in my opinion purple and yellow, but I've yet to combine purple with yellow in furnishing...


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