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Just make sure your kids only have toys that match the decor!

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Oh boy! We seem to be talking about our Tanova Ventilated Drawers on Houzz an awful lot right now, but that's just evidence of how incredibly versatile they are!

They are a wonderful way to provide practical and robust toy storage. They're constructed on soft close pull out runners, and the drawers themselves are powder coated steel that will stand up to all those knocks and clunks and slams!

They come in two widths, two depths (front to back) and three heights so there's a size to suit. Standard colour options are white and the newly introduced, very contemporary charcoal. But we know all your Houzzers love having fun with colour, so guess what? We can customise Tanova Ventilated Drawers in any colour from the Dulux range.

Read more in our Tanova Ventilated Drawers Houzz Project here.

Or on our website here.

By the way, Tanova Ventilated Drawers are also perfect for kitchens, pantries, sculleries, laundries, wardrobes and even light commercial use like salons, daycare centres and offices.

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My daughter was given a couple of book cases with glass doors, so we added a couple more from Ikea and made a wall of glass fronted bookcases which we filled with all her son's brightly coloured toys and books. We added a small desk and a lego table and apart from a couple of very large trucks which are poking their noses out from under his bed, he is sorted. Of course things never go back where they were but it doesn't matter because it looks good no matter where he puts it in the cupboards.

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