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In today's world, I would invest in the coolest user friendly CCTV ( HD, Night vision ) That's covers every external corners of your house, if someone does come across will be pleased to know .

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I have a sound bar on the kitchen tv. I connect it to my phone or iPad by bluetooth to play music (Spotify) when I use my exercise bike in the mornings. The sounds are just brilliant. Then I can watch a movie in the evenings with the proper cinematic sounds too. I never thought I needed one and actually just inherited it when my husband upgraded. But I wouldn't be without it now. I would definitely recommend.
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Another great article - happy to say that we have installed such systems in many of our projects and have had great feedback. Home automation is rapidly becoming more popular and will certainly be more prevalent in 2017.

Here's an example of the kind of smart home control that we install that controls these kinds of systems. All done through a mobile device, be it your phone or an iPad for example.

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