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Bonnie Hillesheim

About items, "When in doubt, go without."

This is a practice I started after my initial major declutter. If I was unsure and the item cost under a certain value I chose to either let it go or set it out of sight for few weeks.

If I didn't even think of it once in that time frame....well then I just confirmed to myself it was unnecessary in the first place.

And I always ask myself if it can easily be replaced, if not I usually do the same process with a longer grace period. In the end a few things remain, but most is now gone to others who can use the items.

Another goal of mine is to pass things on and give them new life at Goodwill. Criteria is that the items are truly useful, not broken or dirty, things I would purchase myself at discount.

The more I have unloaded the more I have become resolute in not allowing things to accumulate back into my home. I am accountable to myself, thus creating a situation of not repeating this process again. You truly have to commit, practice self-discipline and follow through to create active, lasting change. Allow yourself mistakes, learn from them and don't set short timelines. Keep on keeping on!

A final thought. Going to the dump is a LAST option as trash truly just isn't good for this world.

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Lynette Ludbrook

Treat your home as if you were about to move house. It gets things back to the essentials and things you genuinely love and use. The Chepstowe fires came within 30 metres of our house. I was more concerned for the neighbours who lost everything than I was about our place surviving, The survivor's guilt was horrendous for a very long time!

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Margaret Barkley
Tanya Selever we’ve thrown away all the CD and DVD cases and put the actual discs in little zippered folders that take up a tiny fraction of the space.

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